VAT compliance is crucial if you’re a limited company turning over more than £85,000 a year. Find peace of mind around this vitally important, but often stressful, aspect of business with a service that’s built to suit you.

Find Peace Of Mind With VAT Compliance

If you’re to run a successful business, you need to understand the importance of VAT (Value Added Tax). With frequent changes made to the scheme and lots of complexities to get your head around, it pays to seek the advice of a team of VAT experts.

Especially when that team of experts provides honest, clear advice with no jargon and a clear, fixed fee for their services.

As experienced accountants with a deep understanding of the UK VAT system, we make sure your business is fully compliant with all relevant regulations and can help with all facets of VAT for your company.

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What Does VAT Compliance Look Like With JFS Torbitt?

Without us, VAT compliance is a tricky path to navigate. With us, you’ll find you and your business benefiting from various schemes and regimes and a simple process that takes the strain and makes things simple.

In a nutshell, our Chartered accountants offer the following VAT services to all VAT-registered UK companies:

VAT Registration,
Planning And Administration

From registering your VAT-liable business to keeping our ears to the ground for changes in the law, we administer and make the most of VAT for your organisation. Whether it’s reacting to change or giving you a warning in advance, our specialists are here to keep you in the loop and up-to-date.

VAT Control
And Reconciliation

Our VAT control and reconciliation service keeps track of your VAT. This covers amounts charged to customers, offsetting charges you’ve received from suppliers, paying VAT to HMRC, and receiving VAT refunds.

With everything in one set location, we make VAT control simple and under control.

Finalising And
Filing VAT Returns

Too busy with your business without the additional stress of your VAT return? We’ve got you covered. Helping limited companies in all kinds of industries work out the best VAT scheme for them, and filing all returns in good time, we streamline your operation so you can plan for the future.

Negotiate With HMRC
During Disputes

At JFS Torbitt, we can also act on your behalf at VAT tribunals, helping you make sense of allegations and appeal effectively. This comes in the form of bespoke legal advice where we draw from years of experience to assist you with any disputes.

We can also find VAT exemptions that apply to your business, helping you understand what is and isn’t within the HMRC’s varied definitions.


  • Save time and effort
    The time and stress that goes into handling your VAT yourself can be monumuental. Putting a strain on you and your business, why not remove the headache and hand over the process to a team of professional accountants?
  • Expert knowledge
    With years of experience and a deep understanding of all VAT requirements in the UK, our team are among the best of the best and provide a service that works for you. From consultation to your first return, you’ll receive tips and advice that streamline your business.
  • A comprehensive, bespoke service
    Our VAT compliance service is all-encompassing and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. With reporting around only what you need, you’ll receive support built for you, communicated quickly, simply, and effectively.
  • Continue running your business
    Compliance is the name of the game when it comes to VAT, which is why we make it a priority for all of our clients. Making sure you’re fully compliant with all your VAT requirements, our reliable team of experts help your business run smoothly and without interruption.

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VAT compliance is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. At JFS Torbitt, our Chartered accountants make sure it’s as streamlined as possible.
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VAT compliance FAQs

  • How long do I need to keep VAT receipts?

    For business supplies, you should keep hold of VAT receipts for at least six years in the UK.

  • What is the VAT threshold?

    Limited companies earning at least £85,000 turnover a year will have to be VAT registered.

  • What happens if I don’t keep VAT receipts?

    If you don’t keep your receipts, you can’t prove that you incurred the expenses you’re claiming for VAT purposes. That’s why recording your receipts is so important for VAT returns as it helps support your case.