HMRC Investigation Insurance

An HMRC investigation is the last thing you want, but with the right protection, you can be covered for the financial burden it places on your business. Partnering with industry leaders Croner Taxwise, our Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service is built for you.

Peace Of Mind From The Right Protection

Insurance is important, no matter your industry, especially when it comes to tax investigations carried out by the HMRC. That’s why we’ve partnered with Croner Taxwise, experts in all things tax enquiry protection, so you can be fully covered should you be investigated.

Providing peace of mind and a way for you to financially cover yourself against an HMRC investigation, let’s find out more about what this service looks like, the benefits it can give to your business, and questions to your questions about tax enquiry fee protection.

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What Does Insurance Look Like With JFS Torbitt?

The idea of an HMRC investigation is daunting, to say the least, and as well as the stress it can cause, it can be a drain on resources for your company. That’s why we work with Croner Taxwise, who provide a comprehensive service that protects you against the financial burden an HMRC investigation can bring.

Specifically, we offer the following tax investigation services, courtesy of Croner Taxwise:

Protection From
Accountancy Fees

The cost of accountancy can quickly spiral with an HMRC investigation, but there’s no need to worry. Your policy keeps you covered, so you don’t incur additional costs you didn’t plan for.

A Service For
All-Sized Companies

We help sole traders, freelancers, SMEs, and multinational corporations deal with the ramifications of an HMRC investigation. You’re never too large or too small to need help, which is why our service is all-encompassing and can cater to all business requirements.


You can gain huge access to in-house tax and VAT specialists. All of which can help if HMRC conducts checks of employer records, VAT visits, information requests, Capital Gains Tax, interventions, and anything else.

£100,000 indemnity with no excess

Covering your business against the following:

  • Corporation Tax self-assessment
  • Income Tax self-assessment
  • PAYE
  • P11D
  • National Insurance
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • IR35
  • VAT
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Gift Aid legislation and regulations.


  • Protect your business
    An HMRC investigation is incredibly stressful for businesses that aren’t covered by the right insurance. Our Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service makes the process as manageable as it can be, taking away the strain and making sure your company is safe.
  • Scale without interruption
    When you’re flagged by HMRC for an investigation, it can affect your plans for business growth in many ways. Be it additional accountancy or the time and effort required to navigate it, our coverage protects against all eventualities so you can continue as normally as possible.
  • Save money
    The cost of an HMRC investigation can spiral out of control depending on the scale of the investigation itself. We cover you for £100,000 against everything the HMRC can throw at you, giving you the chance to save money you had no intention of spending as a business.
  • Peace of mind
    The number of tax and VAT investigations is increasing year on year, which means that you could be vulnerable. Whether an entire business, a director, or an individual taxpayer, anybody could find themselves in the scope of the HMRC, but we help you shoulder the financial burden.

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Tax Enquiry Fee Protection FAQs

  • How much am I protected against with tax enquiry fee protection?

    Up to £100,000 indemnity with no excess, covering corporation tax, income tax, VAT, and more.

  • How many tax investigations do HMRC carry out each year?

    In the 2020/2021 tax year, there were around 247,000 tax investigations, but in the most recent tax year, there were over 299,000. This means that in the past three tax years, there’s been a 21% rise in tax investigations into small businesses and sole traders. This looks set to increase as HMRC adopts even more sophisticated technologies.

    For employees and directors, there are more options, which we can help you with.

  • What increases the chances of an HMRC investigation?

    If your industry deals with lots of ‘cash-in-hand’ work, you could be at higher risk. Noticeable differences between tax returns and frequently filing returns late can also contribute to an HMRC investigation, as can unusual activity in your bank accounts, among other factors.

  • What if I disagree with HMRC’s decisions?

    You can request a statutory review of each decision you disagree with, but this must be done within 30 days of their initial decision letter. A reviewing officer will then take a look at the decision independently from the rest of the investigation and let you know their response.